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Request for Access to Lender Verification Portal

The Lender Verification Portal ("Site") is intended for use only by lenders and authorized lender representatives for the sole purpose of allowing lenders to verify insurance information relating to properties in which they hold security interests. No other access to or use of the Site is permitted.

The use of public or group/shared email addresses (i.e., gmail, yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) is not allowed.

To request access to the Site, please complete the following. All fields are required. Access to the Site remains subject to the review and approval of Universal Risk Advisors, Inc.

Access to the Site is governed by the terms and conditions set forth in a Lender Verification Portal Use Agreement, a copy of which can be accessed and saved using the accompanying link.

I have read, understand, and accept the Verification Portal Terms Agreement.

By clicking the "Request Access" button below, you are requesting access to the Site for your organization. The request remains subject to the approval of Universal Risk Advisors, Inc.