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Preferred Inspection Vendor Program

Strengthening homes to reduce the effects of hurricanes and other windstorms can preserve both lives and property. State law encourages consumers to take steps to reduce windstorm losses and requires insurance companies to recognize these efforts by making insurance discounts available when residential properties have certain loss reduction features.

UPCIC supports initiatives that reduce policyholders’ exposure to hurricane and windstorm losses. We offer significant discounts to policyholders whose homes, condominium units or apartments have loss reduction features that qualify under the state-approved discount program. An applicant or current policyholder interested in determining his or her eligibility for these discounts simply needs to submit an inspection form completed by a qualified inspector.

Each applicant or policyholder is responsible for selecting a qualified inspector and for paying the inspector’s fee. As with most types of services, some inspectors are more qualified and more thorough than others. It therefore is important for the applicant or policyholder to use care in selecting the inspector. An accurate form ensures that the you receive every discount for which you are eligible, and does not jeopardize your safety by suggesting that your property is protected by wind mitigation features that don’t exist. Accurate forms also reduce the time and expense it takes for UPCIC to process policies, allowing us to provide efficient and cost-effective policyholder service.

As a convenience to applicants and policyholders, we have negotiated with several qualified inspectors to be included on our ‘Preferred Vendor List to the left.’ These inspectors are able to assist applicants and policyholders by inspecting their properties and completing the state-required Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form (OIR B1-1802). The Preferred Vendors have been selected because they have displayed exemplary customer relations, expert knowledge in Florida wind mitigation inspections, and have current and active licenses, along with ample references from other satisfied customers. As an additional benefit to our customers, UPCIC has negotiated with our ‘Preferred Vendors’ a reduced inspection fee of no more than $95 for bona fide UPCIC applicants and current UPCIC policyholders (discounted fee available upon providing a UPCIC Policy/Quote Number).

Although you are welcome to use virtually any inspector meeting statutory qualifications, UPCIC has found that the inspection firms on our approved list provide accurate results with almost no instances of re-inspections being needed. In other words, our Preferred Vendors do it right the first time and you are not subject to the inconvenience of a re-inspection that may change or even eliminate the credits you thought you would be receiving due to errors in the original inspection.

If you intend to apply with UPCIC or you are a current policyholder and would like to have your home inspected, you or your agent may call one of the following Preferred Vendors. This will assure a quick and accurate inspection and reduce the likelihood that we will need to order a re-inspection of your property.