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By Jarrod Heil

Home Insurance Breakdown: What Is Coverage A (Dwelling)?

Home insurance may seem like a complicated entity, but it’s actually pretty easy to understand when it’s broken down into separate unique coverages.

Arguably the most pivotal portion of your home insurance policy is dwelling coverage, which is called Coverage A in insurance-speak. This protects the structure of your home and many parts that help create it — like floors, windows and doors — from risks (also known as perils) that are covered by your policy.

If your home’s structure is damaged or destroyed, filing an insurance claim will allow Universal Property & Casualty to inspect the home and what caused the damage. We will then be able to determine the covered loss up to the dwelling limit of your coverage.

Which Parts of My Home Does Dwelling Coverage Protect?

  • • Frame
  • • Roof
  • • Foundation
  • • Chimney
  • • Attached patios, porches and garage
  • • In-ground pool
  • • Inside fixtures that are permanently installed (like flooring, bathroom apparatuses, countertops and cabinets)
  • • Appliances that are built in (like a hot water heater, furnace and sump pump)

Common Types of Policies with Dwelling Coverage

HO-2 Policy

HO-3 Policy

How Much Dwelling Coverage Do I Need?

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