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By Jarrod Heil

Is Flood Insurance Included in Homeowners Insurance?

Hurricane season brings more wind, rain and catastrophic loss to people and phone calls, emails and claims to home insurance companies.

The majority of those calls and claims are due to flooding - not damage caused by rain, wind or fallen objects. And the response from your local agent may surprise you.

Unfortunately, flood insurance is typically not covered in most homeowners insurance policies.

It’s partly because every homeowner doesn’t necessarily need coverage. However, people living in high-risk flood zones certainly need flood insurance. Those who don’t live in those areas are strongly urged to consider purchasing a plan

Flood insurance helps protect the biggest investment of your life from the uncontrollable effects of Mother Nature.

Make a List of the Damaged Property and Belongings

Here’s what you need to know about flood insurance:

Do I Need Flood Insurance?

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

  • • Your home and its foundation
  • • Personal belongings
  • • Appliances
  • • Electrical and plumbing systems
  • • HVAC systems like furnaces and air conditioning
  • • Water heater
  • • Debris removal
  • • Extreme rainfall due to hurricanes and tropical storms
  • • Overflowing or rising bodies of water like oceans, rivers and lakes
  • • Inadequate drainage systems
  • • Melting snow
  • • Failed levees and dams
  • • Mud that flows due to water

How Much is Flood Insurance?

Does Renters Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

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