By Jarrod Heil

Avoid Halloween Home Insurance Claims with These Tricks

When people think about Halloween, they think about collecting and eating gooey caramel and chocolate bars, sugary sweet gummies and all their favorite candy that’s consumed once or twice per year. They don’t think about the after-effects of a stomach ache.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Halloween home insurance claims also tend to be out of sight, out of mind. It’s meant to be a scary holiday, but you can avoid some serious home insurance scares with the following tricks:

1. Turn On Outside & Inside Lights

2. Avoid Fire Hazards

3. Conduct Property Check

  • • Items sticking out of ground
  • • Potholes in yard
  • • Cracks or breaks in pavement
  • • Electrical cords or Hoses strewn throughout lawn
  • • Low-hanging or overgrown tree limbs

4. Ensure Candy Is Safe

5. Don’t Invite Trick-or-Treaters Inside Your Home

6. Watch Your Pets Carefully