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By Jarrod Heil

How to File a Home Insurance Claim After a Hurricane

Whether a hurricane brings 100-plus-mile-per-hour winds, a torrential downpour, complete catastrophic destruction, or something in the middle, you need to know how to get your life back on track after it passes.

Filing a hurricane claim is a great place to begin, and Universal is here to help you jumpstart the process. With our new online claims filing and tracking process in place, filing a home insurance claim has never been easier.

We created an innovative one-page, six-question form equipped with pre-populated information and easy-to-use dropdown menus. But before you begin the home insurance claim process, check out these four homeowners insurance claims tips for how to file.

1. Make a List of the Damaged Property and Belongings

2. Contact Your Universal Agent or File Online

3. Check Your Insurance Policy

4. Know Your Deductible

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