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By Jarrod Heil

Hurricane Preparedness List: Supplies You Need to Stay Safe

When a hurricane is bearing down on your area, you need to do everything in your power to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. Remembering to not take the storm lightly and begin preparations as soon as possible could be the difference between making it through safely and comfortably or running out of hurricane supplies and being stranded.

First thing’s first, if a mandatory evacuation order is issued for your area, we highly recommend that you leave as early as possible. Highways and roads leading out of town will be extremely crowded in the hours leading up to the storm.

If you decide to hunker down and ride out the hurricane, make sure you have all the necessary hurricane supplies to do so. Power and running water may not return for days or weeks after the initial strike. Keep in mind that stores and gas stations will quickly run out of supplies, so it’s best to stock up weeks before a hurricane is supposed to hit or before hurricane season even starts.

Hurricane Preparedness List

1. Bottled Water & Non-Perishable Food Items

  • • Bottled water (7-day supply — one gallon per person, per day)
  • o Boxed juices and flavored drinks to mix it up
  • • Non-perishable foods (7-day supply)
  • o Ready-to-eat canned soups
  • o Canned vegetables, fruits and meats
  • o Granola, protein or other high-fiber bars
  • o Peanut butter, jerky and other high-energy foods

2. Tools & Other Hurricane Supplies

  • • AA, AAA and D batteries
  • • Flashlight and headlamp (free up hands in the dark)
  • • Battery-powered radio (tuned to National Hurricane Center channel)
  • • Battery-powered phone charger
  • • Pliers, hammer and nails, and screwdrivers with screws (Flathead and Phillips)
  • • Duct tape or another strong adhesive
  • • Plastic or paper cups, plates and utensils
  • • Plastic or glass storage containers
  • • Portable waterproof container (for important documents such as insurance policies, birth certificates and deeds)
  • • Board games and a deck of cards
  • • Generator
  • • Waterproof clothing
  • • Sleeping bags
  • • Clean clothes and blankets
  • • Candles
  • • Matches, lighters or waterproof fire-starter

3. First-Aid Kit & Sanitation Items

  • • Adhesive and gauze bandages
  • • Gauze pads and adhesive cloth tape
  • • Hydrogen peroxide and antibacterial ointment
  • • Medical scissors and tweezers
  • • Aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen
  • • Recently refilled prescription medications
  • • Non-latex gloves
  • • Antibacterial hand sanitizer, soap and hand wipes
  • • Insect repellent

Bonus: Extra Fuel

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