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By Jarrod Heil

5 Most and Least Hurricane-Prone Areas in Florida

It should come as no surprise that Florida has been hit by the most number of hurricanes since direct hits on land were first recorded in 1851 with the Saffir/Simpson scale.

But a few Florida hurricane facts may come as a surprise.

More than 41 percent of hurricanes that hit the United States also make some kind of landfall in the Sunshine State. Florida has also been hit by more than twice as many hurricanes as the next closest hurricane-prone state, which is Texas.

Of the 292 hurricanes that have hit the U.S. since 1851, a staggering 120 have made some sort of landfall in Florida. The following four regions are the most hurricane-prone and least hurricane-prone areas in Florida.

The Most Hurricane-Prone Areas in Florida

1. Northwest Florida: 66 total hurricanes
(including 14 that were a Category 3 through 5)

2. Southwest Florida: 49 total hurricanes
(including 17 that were a Category 3 through 5)

3. Southeast Florida: 49 total hurricanes
(including 16 that were a Category 3 through 5)

The Least Hurricane-Prone Areas in Florida

4. Northeast Florida: 26 total hurricanes
(including 1 that was a Category 3)

5. Inland Florida (Closer to North Florida)

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