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By Jarrod Heil

What Is an Insurance Rider, Endorsement and Floater?

Endorsements, riders and floaters can cause quite a bit of confusion to home insurance novices. But once you understand the facets and abilities each offer to your home insurance policy, you’ll realize they aren’t so complicated after all.

While endorsements and riders are the exact same thing, floaters are extremely similar but slightly different.

Ok, now let’s break down each of the three pesky insurance terms so that you can better understand what each is and be able to implement them in your own home insurance policy if you need to.

What Is an Insurance Rider?

What Is an Insurance Endorsement?

What Is a Personal Property Floater?

More Common Types of Endorsements, Riders & Floaters Offered by Universal Property & Casualty

  • • Ordinance or law
  • • Fungi, wet or dry rot, or bacteria
  • • Increased theft coverage
  • • Replacement cost loss settlement
  • • Sinkhole loss coverage
  • • Additional interest
  • • Personal property replacement cost loss settlement
  • • Water back-up and sump discharge or overflow
  • • Additional insured
  • • Windstorm protective devices
  • • Premises alarm or fire protection system

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